Lincolnshire’s Hayley Brylewski gets to know all about Bodyfitness champion Hayley Brylewski..

Hayley Brylewski is Lincolnshire’s foremost bodyfitness exponent, as well as
running a successful personal training business she is one of England’s best
fitness athletes and fitness model. A popular figure in the Lincolnshire area,
Hayley took time out to speak to us…

Hayley, many thanks for taking time out to speak to us and
congratulations on your recent win at the Birmingham Bodypower in May. We’re
going to be covering the bodyfitness sport with you in more depth over the
coming months but to begin with how long have you been training?

I’ve been weight training for about 3-4 yreas now, but always trained as an
athlete as a kid from National athletics to running sprints training twice
a week, to competing in basketball for England in Europe.

Where do you train?

I train at Fitspace in Lincoln

You’re known for your hardcore workouts, what would a typical week
in the gym be like?

My current training is 30-45minutes of cardio 6-7 days a week and

Monday-Back plus I teach bodypump class.


Wednesday-Legs- Quads/calves


Friday- Biceps and Triceps

Saturday-Cardio 50-60 mins/Rest

Sunday-Legs (Hamstrings/glutes/plyo’s)

"Hayley Brylewski"

We always ask bodybuilders if they have a favourite body part they
like to train, any one in particular for you?

I like training them all but if I had to choose one it would be legs; I have
a love-hate relationship with them!!

What about a least favourite? We’ve all got one!

If any it’s chest!




When it comes to competing you’ve done very well in a remarkably
short period of time, what was your first competition?

It was an NPA competition in Batley two years ago.

When you look back at those competitions which one gave you the most

Placing top 6th in my first year of competing at the National finals in
Nottingham and competing in the British Grand prix in London this year.













You must have been delighted with your recent win at

Yes! I’ve won it two years in a row now.

That’s a great achievement Hayley, so what’s next in competition
terms, have you an event in mind?

Yes, next one is in November-the British finals. believes the ladies side of
bodybuilding and fitness in general gets a raw deal in media terms. It’s
difficult for any woman looking to start up in fitness training and competing
to know where to start. What advice would you give?

Consistency is the key, accompanied by good nutrition and advice and lots of patience! I would highly recommend finding yourself a knowledgeable coach (or someone who knows more than you) and only listen to them. Excuses are just that … there are no excuses!

Couldn’t agree more! How do you see the future of women’s
bodybuilding/physique competitions? Do you see the fitness/bikini side becoming
the mainstream?

I do I think it will make it more appealing to all shapes and types of women
as it shows a little bit of everything. Some women are put off by bodybuilding
so it brings more women into the sport for a more feminine, glamorous look.

It’s certainly helped bring the ladies side more publicity but what
can be done to improve awareness of women’s fitness/physique competitions at the
county and national level?

More publicity for sure with local shows etc and more role models in
different counties with women showing direction and how great it is to lead a healthy

Who athletes do you most admire in the sport?

Monica Brant, Jamie Eason and Ava Cowan.

What has training given you personally?

I enjoy the strictness and routine of dieting that comes with competing; the
personal challenge of pushing my body to its limits and watching my physique
change from year to year. I love my lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for




Ok, now down to the important stuff, what’s your favourite

Gaspari, their protein drinks taste amazing when I’m dieting!!!

What about junk food? Can’t be easy to have any but what’s your
guilty pleasure?

Ice cream.. love it!

So what does the future hold for Hayley Brylewski? What’s the game

To keep competing and getting better each year and see what the sport brings
me in terms of more sports modelling and sponsorship. To keep improving my
condition each time I compete … bigger, stronger and leaner! To be a positive
role model for future competitors and a Pro Card would be awesome – a dream
come true!



Well the results so far speak for themselves, thanks for taking the
time to talk to us and good luck in November. will
be following Hayley’s progress and will bring you news of her showing at the
British finals in November.

Hayley is available for personal training, lifestyle and nutritional training and we think her results speak for themselves. This is a great chance to take your training to another level regardless of your experience and learn from someone at the top of their game.

Hayley can help motivate you, offer personalised training programmes and
nutritional advice from complete beginners to anyone wishing to take their
training to the competition stage. Hayley offers personalised training and
group workouts at realistic prices so there’s no excuse!

For more information email Hayley at: or visit her great new website. You can also follow Hayley on Twitter and Facebook, just search for Hayley’s name.



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